How can I describe a situation that cannot be described?
How to avoid facing reality?
How to move forward with the escaped position?

I think, I should be considered an experienced person in these fields.

– Wang Teyu

About Wang Teyu

Wang Te-yu’s works have always sought simple ideas. She has always tried to explore the feeling of spatial presence with simple media, and go on to meditate on the existential form and situation of people in these spaces. In 1990s she began spreading out a pure spatial form with fabrics of different material, and this has become a primary motif in the artist’s work. In a series of spatial creations whose titles begin with a number, she has pursued continuous research into the spatial theme, transforming the subjective / objective relationship between spaces and people, and letting the body’s sensory experience replace visual experience. In this way the interactive experience between viewers and works functions directly as a pathway that the artist provides for “entry” into the spirit of the work—a work that symbolizes the artist’s subjective consciousness. The work also unexpectedly encompasses the participating viewer’s subjective experience and constructs a commonly-sensed space through the mechanism of interaction.

Text by Iris Huang

Recent Exhibition


Small Is Bountiful: Margaret Shiu’s Contemporary Art Collection
Dates | 16 April – 24 July 2022
Venue | Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei City

Setouchi Triennale 2022
Dates | 05 August – 04 September / 29 September – 06 November 2022
Venue | Ogijima, Takamatsu city, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan